Pete Brown


The British Blues Exhibition is honoured to have the support of Pete Brown.

Pete Brown is an example of the particular genius of British Blues, in songwriting, contributing to some of the most brilliant, memorable and famous songs in the history of British Blues music. As a poet, he is also an example of the links between the Blues in Britain and wider culture. His website says:

Pete Brown is a musician, poet, writer, record producer and singer based in north London, UK.

He rose to prominence as a leading British beat poet (notably with Mike Horovitz’ New Departures group) in the early 1960s and went on to write a remarkable series of albums with Cream singer and bassist Jack Bruce, spanning over thirty years. [Songs included Sunshine Of Your Love, White Room, and I Feel Free].

After leading music and poetry groups of his own, such as the First Real Poetry Band with famed guitarist John McLaughlin, Pete took his first step into music proper with the Battered Ornaments, vocal duties devolving on him. He was then on the road for nearly 10 years, including 3 with the well-liked Piblokto, which included Jim Mullen and later Phil Ryan.

During the Punk Era, Pete left the business (nobody noticed) and began writing screenplays, then producing records. Through this latter work he began gigging again at first as a sideman. He eventually formed his own band again in 1993 with Phil Ryan, the Interoceters. This was his longest-lived band, lasting until 2008, later without Phil.

Pete is currently gigging and touring with his band, Psoulchedelia. His latest CD, with long-time collaborator Phil Ryan, is Road of Cobras, and his autobiography, White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns: Ginsberg, Clapton and Cream – An Anarchic Odyssey was published last year.

Pete’s autobiography, White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns: Ginsberg, Clapton and Cream – An Anarchic Odyssey, was published in 2010.

Pete is the subject of a new film due to be released in 2016, and which is named White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns.