The 1970’s


The band Dr Feelgood is formed. The Essex-based ensemble were pioneers of pub rock, but  very much embracing the Blues. They were named after a 1962 record, Dr. Feel-Good, by American Blues pianist and singer Piano Red (Willie Perryman) and recorded under the name of Dr. Feelgood & The Interns. Their initial line up was Lee Brilleaux (vocals), Wilko Johnson (guitar), John B. ‘Sparko’ Sparks (bass), and John ‘The Big Figure’ Martin (drums). Check out this film about the band, Oil City Confidential.


The Blues Band is formed, with a line up of Paul Jones (vocals/harmonica) of Manfred Mann, Dave Kelly (vocals/guitar), Gary Fletcher (bass), Tom McGuiness (guitar), and Hughie Flint (drums). The band goes on to be a favourite in live appearances worldwide.