Bass – Roger Inniss

Photo by Tony Joe Gardner

Photo by Tony Joe Gardner

Roger Inniss plays with many, many British and overseas bands and is a superlative bassist. He is currently (March 2015) touring with Laurence Jones.

We asked Roger a few questions.

When did you start playing? “I started playing at the age of 12. After spending years of being  sent to Church every Sunday playing music helped me to really focus myself.”
Why did you choose the bass? “I think the bass chose me. I tried the guitar but didn’t get on with it. I think the bass really suits my personality.”
Why the 6 string bass? “I played one over 20 years ago and it made complete sense to me… and still does.”
Who in the blues inspired you? “Gospel music has so much blues and jazz in it which I heard and played growing up in the church. I love all the Kings… Albert. BB and Freddie. The sprit and vibe of those old Blues and Jazz guys is what inspires me the most.”
What have been the highlights of your career? “In reality it would be easier to name the low points. I’ve loved every moment of it. No matter what you go through to get to the gig when you hit the stage and see those smiling faces… its all worth it.”

We are delighted that Roger has agreed to be a curator/spokesman for the British Blues Exhibition, specialising on bass guitar. We are expecting to have some of Roger’s guitar strings on display at our events.

Roger’s website is