One Man Band – Andy Twyman

One man band Andy Twyman (above) is an outstanding British one man band, and the third Curator announced by the British Blues Exhibition, naturally on the subject of one man bands. One man bands – artists performing solo and incorporating a variety of instruments and their own vocals in their acts – have unique challenges to create their sound and to perform.

Andy Twyman, still just 22 years old, has been performing live since 11 years of age, and has already played the 100 Club, the Ealing Blues Festival, the Great Rock and Blues Festival in Skegness, and has performed in Paris and toured in Spain. His last album, Blues You Haven’t Heard Before, was well received. Andy’s strong interest in and ability to play Blues classics, but also to pen contemporary, refreshing songs featuring things including Pot Noodle, chickens, and even Captain Kirk (of Star Trek) make him a natural choice to work with the British Blues Exhibition.

The highly respected and ex-Pretty Things performer, Robin Bibi, has described Andy as “the new Duster Bennett”. In 2015, Andy has two slots at the Great R&B Festival at Colne.